The list compiled here is from the TeleMedicine 140520 Document which was released by MCI. This page is for a quick overview. Please refer to MCI Guidelines on MCI website.

List Group

Mode of Consultation [Video/Audio/Text]

Nature of Consultation [First-consultation/ Follow-up]

List of Medicines


Common over-the counter medications such as o Antipyretics: Paracetamol

  • Cough Supplements: Lozenges,

  • Cough/ Common-cold medications (such as combinations of Acetylcysteine, Ammonium Chloride,

  • Guaifensen, Ambroxol, Bromhexene, Dextromethorphan) o ORS Packets

  • Syrup Zinc

  • Supplements: Iron & Folic Acid tablets, Vitamin D, Calcium supplements o Etc

Medications notified by Government of India in case from time to time on an Emergency basis

  • Such as Chloroquine for Malaria control for a specific endemic region, when notified by Government

AVideoFirst Consultation Follow-up, for continuation of medications

First Consult Medications (Diagnosis done on video mode of consultation) such as

  • Ointments/Lotion for skin ailments: Ointments Clotrimazole, Mupirocin, Calamine Lotion, Benzyl

  • Benzoate Lotion etc

  • Local Ophthalmological drops such as: Ciprofloxacillin for Conjunctivitis, etc o Local Ear Drops such as: Clotrimazole ear drops, drops for ear wax etc..

  • Follow-up consult for above medications

 Follow-up medications for chronic illnesses for ‘re-fill’ (on any mode of consultation) such as medications for

  • Hypertension: Enalapril, Atenolol etc

  • Diabetes: Metformin, Glibenclamide etc o Asthma: Salmetrol inhaler etc

  • Etc


 On follow-up, medications prescribed as ‘Add-on’ to ongoing chronic medications to optimize management such as for hYpertension: Eg, add-on of Thiazide diuretic with Atenolol

  • Diabetes: Addition of Sitagliptin to Metformin

  • Etc


Not to be prescribed

Not to be prescribedSchedule X of Drug and Cosmetic Act and Rules or any Narcotic and Psychotropic substance listed in the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Act, 19854